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Someone told me about this beautiful piece called DreamCatcher by Marilene Oliver. (all pics from her website here)

After looking through her website, I love the sound of “The Body in Question” exhibition about finding the secrets of the human body to ‘evoke numerous dimensions of it into resonance’. It is a collaboration piece with choreographed performances with her art pieces and video work.  Below is the blurb from her website and some pics. Read more about this here. 

BUT watch the video here. Awesome

 The Body in Question /Le Corps en Question (touring exhibition) – via Website

Oliver’s work is currently part an exhibition curated by Canadian choreographer Isabelle Van Grimde which will start its tour at Galerie UQAM in May. The first work is an existing piece, Dreamcatcher, and the second is a new creation entitled Dancing Melanix, an interactive video installation envisioned for both the gallery visitor during the exhibition and Van Grimdes dancers during her choreographed performances.

In each of her works, choreographer Isabelle Van Grimde attempts to pierce the secrets of the human body, evoking numerous dimensions of it into resonance. She envisions each new piece as a mystery in action, which she keeps alive by offering it to the public in a context of open creation. Her collaborations with artists in other disciplines allow her to probe that mystery while enriching it, multiplying perceptions of the creation and points of access to it. Driven by an unquenchable thirst for learning and an insatiable desire to push back the limits of her understanding, Isabelle Van Grimde has, since 2004, conducted a research into perceptions of the body with many artists and intellectuals throughout the world. The interviews compiled in this study, entitled The Body in Question, have generated a complete choreographic corpus in which the very meaning of dance and gesture becomes more and more refined as our understanding of the human body gains in depth. The primal body of our origins and instincts enters into a dialogue with the body of the future, a sum of energetic vibrations subjected to the influences of an environment in perpetual mutation.
In offering this theoretical and gestural matter as a source of inspiration to visual and media artists, Isabelle Van Grimde, taking on the role of exhibit curator, delves further into the transposition, transformation and even deconstruction of her choreographic materials, in order to enhance the theme of the body. In echo to the creations of the invited artists, five solos developed from the same materials will inhabit the space of the exhibit, which is also named The Body in Question. Through their thoughts and writings, several authors, philosophers, historians and anthropologists will broaden perspectives on the overall process.





Current Projects.

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