The London Vandal | Have Some Dignity, Fashion Heads

I love london vandal. This article particularly cracks me up. Here’s a bit but read the full thing here:

I’m not going to feign understanding the logic behind this stunt by Alexander Wang, but it seems fair to speculate that inviting a few hundred New Yorkers to a warehouse where they can grab all the free garms they can carry was designed to be a hype generating, excitement building and envy educing kinda thing. Filming it and putting it online, a viral ad venture, straight up.

What actually transpired was a clip of a mob of gung-ho fashion fans getting carried away, showing just how shallow and narcissistic their fashion obsessions really were. Stepping over fallen participants, having a grapple over the last size ten LBD, and a full blown cat fight between a pair of girls were expected, probably hoped for, and they were granted.

How much of this video is staged, I have no idea. But if the intention was to show how mindless both high-end fashion and streetwear  has become, it succeeds. There is no way these fans had looked at the piece, admired it’s design merits, and decided to invest in it. They just wanted stuff. Any stuff, but glossy and sexy stuff. And they want it now. And free.

Photo from HighSnob

via The London Vandal | Have Some Dignity, Fashion Heads.


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