Intercontinental Spa


We went to the Spa Intercontinental today to have a Steam Temple experience!  It was fantastic!

This is normally done in pairs, probably more couples. You get  your own room with a basin and shower and your ‘steam temple’ which is actually a Rasul.  You then enter the steam room (swimming suit or naked) and rub mud on each other. In this treatment we had a face mask and body scrub. The face scrub was not very nice, the smell was horrible! Then the steam gets ignited automatically every 5-6 minutes or so (you are completely alone, no staff, they just turn it on and go away).  You then sit in the these ridiculous chairs that are moulded into the wall. This was kinda weird because you are far away from your partner when it would be better as a sofa type seating arrangement. So you sit in the steam room for about 40 minutes and then a surprise attack shower to rinse you off and let you know the treatment is done.  You then shower and wash off and then exit your room. Highly recommend, was very relaxing and the spa itself was beautiful.


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