o2 phone charges

I have been over charged ridiculously for calls while I was in America. just want to warn anyone else out there

I was charged about £16 worth of charges to random numbers like 7560733516  and 7560733516. I have emailed o2 very upset about this and they say it’s for voicemail retreval? wtf is that? I know I never check my voicemail while I’m away because I know there are LOADS of secret charges from o2! I checked it once, but still does not make sense.

of course before I go away, i have to turn something on and off, and I didn’t know about it until I complained (when I’m already charged ridiculous amounts)

this is their response:

Thanks for getting in touch about the mobile numbers on your bill when
you were in America.

I can see that 7560 733 516 and 7891 551 618 numbers are Voicemail
retrieval numbers. However, if you wish to use voicemail service while
in roaming, you’ll incur two charges:

1) For receiving a call made to your phone
2) For an outgoing call diverted to Voicemail.

The two calls will have the same time stamp and duration. You’ll notice
that the charges for two calls are different, as the charge for an
incoming call is less than an outgoing call.

This is the reason you were charged for two calls showing same time and
duration. When you divert your calls, you’re charged for an incoming
call and an outgoing call from your phone to the diverted number while

If you want to avoid such charges while in roaming, we would recommend
you to switch off voicemail and you won’t be charged. You can use the O2
Call Alert service free of charge while abroad to get notifications
about the calls you missed. To activate this service, simply dial 1710
free of charge from your phone before going abroad.

To switch off Voicemail (901) service, please dial 1760 from your phone
before going abroad.

I hope you’ll find this information useful.


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