Studio Max Animation Time, Frames + FPS

Working in 3dstudio Max and working on an animation. Have found a few helpful things. One thing that wasnt very easy to find on the internet is how the frame and timeline works, so thought I would share. (can click images for bigger screenshot)

This explains how to set up a film to how long you would like it to be, how to change the timeline and how changing the frames per second to speed up rendering.

1-To start, i decide how long the film will be (seconds) for every second multiple by 30 (frames) this will give you the frame length.  To change the frame length right click the arrow on the bottom of the screen. then enter the end frame.  So for the animation i’m working on now it’s 45 seconds

so. 45 seconds x 15 = 1350 frames



2- then i set up the camera with keys etc. (i will not explain this now)

3- once the film is set up now to rendering. if you render with default it will do 30 frames per second which is quite alot. but worth it if you are doing a high quality short film.  however for me, ive found that doing it at 18 FPS is fine and i use 10-12 for draft animations, you change this by right clicking the arrow again and goign to frame rate and clicking custom then typing what you want.


4- this will shorted your frames at the bottom, but dont worry nothing else has changed. it will just be a quicker render.

To change the length of your film

lets say you made a film but then you decide u want to make it 45 seconds to 2 minutes.

1-calculate your new frame length so 2 minutes = 120 seconds / 120 seconds x 30 frames = 3600

2- right click the arrow at the bottom and click rescale time


3- then change just the ‘end frame’ (highlighted) to your new length (3600). press OK


4- this will update itself to the same keys you put before!



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