Blog Printing! ugh!

I have been having trouble printing this blog for my IDS hand in in May. and it’s so far has been pretty unsuccessful.  i’ve tried blurb, blog2blog, blog collector. all sorts of super geeky things to try and print and even back up my blog.

today i have found the way i’m going to do it. it’s not at all what i wanted but it’s the best way to get these 200+ posts out into a tangible document.

I have to go to my wordpress page and go to file save as a full html website. i can then open it in word and ‘kinda’ edit it.

it looks pretty awful but i’m not sure if i have time to relay it out in Indesign.  i love the idea of a blog to keep my colleagues and tutors updated with work but now i am regretting it only because it needs to be printed.

here is apic of the sample pages of my blog:


it looks no where a clean and layout-designed as my report:


but will have to do for now unless i get extra time over easter to work on it.


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