Waugh Thistleton’s meeting minutes

today we went to waugh and thistleton’s office at shoreditch to chat about their murray grove project they have done in hackey.  it is a 9 story residential building made of solid timber panels by KLH.  an chance to pick their brain was definitely helpful.

1(image from http://www.waughthistleton.com)

minutes of meeting:

– biology of the house is important, similar to a human body.  cant just take something and scale it up and expect same properties to occur.

– think they can build definitely 15-25 stories with solid timber

– the weight is not the issue

– slab + wall system with anchore brackets

– compression of the panel is not good when laid flat

– need to speak with matt liniquer from technika, he was tedchnical guy on the case.

– cant just have linear stacking with tower idea

-needs to have broading basing

-stacking bases

– MG is a honey comb technique where every part is important

– if you go higher you need to think of stacking system

– as for height, need to think about the weight at the bottom, usage of material at the bottom as suistanability is an issue

– in MG concrete makes up the ground floor to provide stability and mostly to provide open spaces that timber cannot provide.

– solid panelling is good for small spaces

-beams could be used for entering /exiting  or open spaces

– is it possible to emmulate steel with glulam beams?

– cross lam engineered has extremem stability compared to steel/concrete

– timber lifts are possible tot his level

– warmer working atmosphere for workers

– can carry just a screwdriver instead of huge machines/tools which helped the work environment (workers didnt mind working late etc)

– MG is 9 stories due to planning and not a technical issue

– cant tell when walk in by appearance but can ‘feel’ the difference

– FIRE: top layer of soolid panels can become charred and provided protection, so for fire reasons the wall are 150mm so that 25 each side can be charred. 90 minutes.

– since unprecedented the wallas still had to be plasterboarded in .

-since all computer generated each panel can be detailed extremely for sockets/cabling etc

– now working on project FORE STREET in edmonton, planning to be 40 stories.

– going to publish a book: cost checks of this project as if made in steel and concrete etc.

– barely any waste

– very tight site plan so made construction an issue, but with panels no problem.

– 4 big austrians dudes built the whole buidling. one floor in 3 days. (tues morning- thurs night) 1 week = floor

– at end recited poem at top

– life span is certified for 60 years, but is definitely at least 100years.

– @ end of life it can be recycled and burnt as bio mass

-KLH patented a system which has non toxic glue to biind the panels together so no toxins when cut or burned for biomass

– can be taken down piece by piece

– KLH quality of timber is key issue, they get it from austria, good timber, scottish timber too wet

– timber frame has nothing comparable to x lam

– the tower fore street they are working on will have a concrete core, they do not want to use timber ‘ for it’s own sake’ wants to use the best mateiral for the best function

– rogers put oxley woods in a day (george wimpey)


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