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This project is to construct a unique, timeless, elegant, sculptural first class hub.

The theme is to create a sculptural architecture, which allows the user to enjoy it visually as well as functionally. A piece of calmness amongst it’s chaotic function.

The project uses movement in static architecture to direct the flow of users as well as portraying fluidity. a complex programme with a fluid aesthetic. Layering of programmes and interactions between different users will create collisions and interesting use of architecture. The form will be produced by understanding the circulation programme within the building as well as the sound and structural properties of the programme.

The hibernation tower will be focused on using the programme and architecture to shield, protect, expose, cool, heat desired areas of the building.
The flowing aesthetic will be used to wrap and hug hibernation areas as well as provide structural properties. Parts of the building can be shut off while still appearing to be ‘alive and moving’.

The existing cliff will be used for the tower to ‘grip’ onto.

This project will be a study into how timber can be curved and prefabricated to provide this seamless fluid architecture and can merge with structural elements. also timber is a warm material that add to a security that is needed in these polar use programmes.

The sculptural architecture and elegance will continue into the function and interiors of the tower. There will be specifically designed areas for different programs, which can be replaced easily by future artists/designers.

The transportation hub will become a place of beauty and not just a place to pass through but a place to enjoy and visit. This is to carry on the tradition of the Stockholm metro which is called the ‘longest art exhibition in the world 110km’. Open spaces, lighting, modern technologies and art will be the main focus. Trains, t-bana, busses, and the ferry are all accessible from this hub. There will be an array of shops, restaurants and cafes.

The hotel will be luxury and budget hotel. Providing quick sleep capsules as well as 5* hotel rooms. Each floor will be unique in interior design. the hotel will house a spa and treatment floor as well as multiple conference rooms and quick rent office spaces.

The roof terrace will become a rentable or viewing platform which will have a sculpture garden for local artists for tourists and guests. Would like it to be something simlar to the empire state tower. ‘when you go to Stockholm go to this tower, the best art and views of Stockholm from here’


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