had a good tutorial with denis today.  i was getting quite bogged down with the construction of the module to the point where the design was not evolving at all. we started thinking about how the thicknesses could be used more than just a bed frame and storage. it could become housing for electrics, lighting, the desk, hidden storage, extra insulation, windows everything.  after this tutorial i felt more confident with the design and excited about the hibernation concept.

here are some scans of the tutorial notes.


-looking at the site and talking about how the ski lifts are organised at the moment.  people styaing in the hotel have to take a bus with their skis to the current ski slope and it’s about a 10 minute ride.  with the new proposal can take a shorter bus or ski to the new site and then ski down to the current ski slope. so that you get 2 runs and then two choices of slopes to pick once you get to the top. this is explained in the sketch below.

jan12-skisketchtop sketch: current organisation of skiers

bottom sketch: proposed organisation


started looking at how the thickness could be used more, similar to a airplane. hidden compartments within the overall form. also looking at how the house meets the ground and how this can be used as storage or maybe a staircase to getinto the house…


thinking about the apetures, and how they can look in section, they can direct the sunlight or frame views. at the moment i think the window scheme will be more about multiple small windows which follow an overall form rather than giant voids/apetures.


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