Looking at Construction and Apetures

I have a difficulty with apetures and openings. I end up making things a bit too complicated or just poke holes out. I’ve been looking at the construction technique i would like to apply to this form while still be able to use the panel machine like the one at MHM.

The form will be made by sections of panels which are then post tensioned or bolted/secured together to get the main form/structure of the house. Here are some sketches to explain this.

cuttingsections– section is cut out of the panel


– site is prepped with flat concrete

-prefab concrete foundation attached to it.

– paneled section is inserted into foundation


– multiple sections attached/postensioned/bolted together to form form.

this techinque i found from this multimedia project by Erhard An-He Kinzelbach (all images from their website)



Then I needed to start looking at apetures and lighting.Here is sketch of how a window can be slotted in, then there could be a fluid windows or patchy windows, alot of freedome with the design and this sectional work.


Also looking at how the interior could create a reversed boat look, how the timber could be used in different way, a homage to thematerial…or something like that.


Found some new precedents for the aestehtic this construction will bring. these are double curved sturctures but still a similar concept and interior ambience.

h2oexpo2H2O expo by Nox | Lars Spuybroek


H2O expo by Nox | Lars Spuybroek


Pompidou by Nox | Lars Spuybroek


Pompidou by Nox | Lars Spuybroek


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