The Words 2nd Draft

Second Draft

1_My housing prototype is a house which is made for the climate and landscape.

I call it the hibernation house.

The house which changes over the season…nothing too intense or changing for the environment but a study on how architecture can be designed for a specific climate.

2_This house directs the snow to certain areas of the house which are designated as the hibernation zone or zones. These zones were chosen by looking at the daily cycle of a house and how it is used. The hibernation zone is the most used room. It might not be the most active room but the most used room, the bedroom. This space does not need to be large but needs to be more insulated for ‘hibernation’ or sleep.

3_ Looking at weather conditions in southern sweden, I created a yearly study of the house and it’s climate. These hibernation spaces could be exposed to be able to enjoy the summer weather as well.

3_The form was designed after making test models in what I call a ‘snow box’ to test how forms react to a standard flow of ‘snow’ (which I used. I wanted to see how snow could build up and how these modules could create a directional flow to specified areas and how the architecture can create pockets for more snow or a way to avoid snow.

4_The modular construction concept inspired by japanese joinery. The idea of having different modules which can be joined in different combinations to make seemingly unique designs for each client. As this is the current need for consumers today.

5_Not to have similarity any more but to have prefabricated uniqueness. Mass Customisation.

6_ These initial 3 modules can grow and create multiple bedrooms and different orientations for the client. Going from a small studio hibernation flat to a large 4 bed luxurious hibernation house, giving the client a sense of freedom in a prefabricated environment.

7_ Here are some sample plans of different types.

8_ the construction of the modules are done in large modular sections. Will use the same technique of a boat however in a modular sense. These bespoke pieces will be made off site. Then brought to site on a truck then attached together on site.

9_ depending on the budget and time of the client a cladding finish can be applied to create a seamless geometry for the interior as well as the exterior.

10_ These houses can start to form neighbourhoods and subdivisions without interrupting the landscape.


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